Guidance 20th February 2012

The feeling of optimistic joy you are experiencing as you watch the events on your globe unfold is a little taster of what’s in store for you. It is made from Truth, and that’s one reason why it feels addictive: Once you had a sense of it you want more and more because you connect with its reality.

For a long time you have been worrying about not being able to distinguish between true and false, between the Truth you are seeking and the lies you have been fed – sometimes force-fed – all your lives.

Now you know the taste of Truth, its very real sweetness, and you will understand, if only in theory, why all the riches in the world could never give you anything comparable in joy and satisfaction. Those who have been wielding the power for so many centuries have always thought that that feeling would be just around the corner, just one more deal, one more transaction, one more kill, but it never came to them, because they were operating with fakes only;  everything was built on illusion.

Judge not too harshly – there may have been lifetimes when you were deeply immeshed with them. Compassion is the most effective tool for transformation here and everywhere. Remember that they are carrying much of their negativity in projection from the collective, and forgiveness, integration and reunion is required for total peace for All.

We are very pleased to see you are recognising the signs that the promised changes have started. Your faith and trust are increasing by the day. Keep going! You are doing well, and we are alwasy ‘by your side’, as the saying goes, only much closer than that even.

All you have to do is ask. 🙂

* We love you very much *

Sunset image

About Anita Camera

I am a healer, reiki master and intuitive. My passion is to help people and animals feel better! If you wish to book an appointment for a distant or face to face treatment for yourself or your pet please go to FB unicorncodes I look forward to connecting with you! Anita
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