Keep your eyes focussed on the golden path of yourself and everything else will follow.

This is a time when experiences may be hard and painful as you go through repeats of old hurt in order to release and let go.

Nevertheless you are feeling the power that has up until now been covered up by your fears, and as you let your inner truth guide you, you will come out shining and clear.

It is not about competing any more, not for space, for resources, for power, money or love. Keep your eyes focussed on the golden path of YourSelf and everything else will follow.

We have great love for you and we know that occasionally you will stumble and get lost, feel impatience and frustration with yourself and others. We do know that you will find your strength and that eventually you will find that the power within you is much greater than you had ever dreamed, without any need for force or aggression.

* We love you very much and stand in joyous anticipation of our long-awaited reunion. *


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About Anita Camera

I am a healer, reiki master and intuitive. My passion is to help people and animals feel better! If you wish to book an appointment for a distant or face to face treatment for yourself or your pet please go to FB unicorncodes I look forward to connecting with you! Anita
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