Things turning into orchids…

The following is ‘not exactly guidance’ and perhaps not necessarily related to ascension at first glance, either, but somehow I have a feeling there is a change of vibration at play here . . .

A couple of years ago I took an iron back to the shop because it had cracked. That particular shop doesn’t have all the same items all the time and they were out of irons so they said just to take something of similar value. After looking around for a good while  I realised that there was nothing I wanted except for a lovely little pot of orchids, which I took home with me, thinking that they would probably have limited use when it came to pressing bed linen!

From that day on, everyone who came to the house and happened to admire my little orchid was told: ‘Lovely, isn’t it. That used to be an iron once!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here. Looking into the calendar for the next week or so I noticed it was going to be reasonably busy and perhaps I should go and take some time out for fun and relaxation. But because the weather was so nice, I also felt a strong need to address the jungle that has been growing unfettered in my garden because I haven’t been able to start my lawnmower for over a year now. So instead of taking a nice drive out somewhere I ended up checking places for lawnmowers.

Despite the fact that summer is almost over, they were awfully expensive still and I didn’t have time to drive to the big shops in the city. In the end I landed at a local supermarket that I usually avoid (Wal-mart type chain). They didn’t have any cheap mowers either. But . . . they had orchids . . .

Please allow me to introduce you to my delightful Phalaeonopsis.

I am thinking she might just be an ascended lawnmower . . . !

orchid image

About Anita Camera

I am a healer, reiki master and intuitive. My passion is to help people and animals feel better! If you wish to book an appointment for a distant or face to face treatment for yourself or your pet please go to FB unicorncodes I look forward to connecting with you! Anita
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