Some revolutionary ideas…?

Who judges what is worth something and how much?

If you follow the money it’s a group of ‘people’, corporations, that apparently have no interest whatsoever in our welfare and happiness, whose only passion seems to be the increase of their own piles (pun intended… they totally are a pain in our collective b*tt!).

They shoved us through an education system that was geared towards stopping our own inner connection, sense of power and wisdom in order to train us like lab rats for their little experiments, tossing us a few crumbs along the way just to keep us hooked. And don’t let yourself be fooled… this is for people everywhere and even if you are feeling you’re doing quite well that would merely mean yours is a glorified level ‘gilded-cage’ experiment.

Well then… Imagine, if you will, that you can BE yourself… that you can live and thrive without having the pressure of a ‘dead’line (interesting word…!) where you have to have a certain amount of stacked up colored paper or digits in your account because you exist mostly to pay for things like new yachts and extreme partying (and more) for the guys who were ‘running the show’ on this planet (yes, I am saying ‘were‘!).

Imagine then that we as a society would not need funds to cover for extravagant wars,  destructive technology, on and off-planet, and obscene life styles for a ‘select’ few… imagine that the extortion that we have been facing in the areas of energy, usury and stealth or unfair taxation would no longer exist…We would very quickly see a massive decrease in costs until ‘expenses’ would all but fall away and would easily be covered by small scale exchange.

Imagine also that you can share your ‘gifts’ naturally, as they flow through you. You can relax and know that your worth is the pure expression of who you are, so instead of the pressure coming at you, into you, you let it build up ‘creative steam’ inside you that then gets ‘ex-pressed’, the pressure coming out from within you in the most positive and beautiful way possible. Imagine who you would be, what you would create, what you would share, how exciting it would be to discover all that’s within you, all that flows through you when you can relax and be open.

Imagine a world where we can all breathe freely as who we are… where we can be there for each other in any way we want… where no animal is being harmed for any reason whatsoever…where all beings, everything, is being valued as part of us.

And no, don’t call it Utopia, because that’s just another concept that has ‘failure’ written all over it

It’s a very old idea.

The new aspect is that right here, right now, this is actually happening.
It’s what I’ve been waiting for, without knowing, ever since I can remember.
We had it upside down for so long when we were taught to believe it when we’d see it. The correct way round was already stated by St Augustine a long time ago:

‘You have to believe it to see it.”
You can open your eyes, join the vision, help it come into focus.
Your choice entirely.

2015 Jan June 059

About Anita Camera

I am a healer, reiki master and intuitive. My passion is to help people and animals feel better! If you wish to book an appointment for a distant or face to face treatment for yourself or your pet please go to FB unicorncodes I look forward to connecting with you! Anita
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