No More Bad Hair Days – Not for Me, and Not for the Planet!

Attachment001(1)Part One: Not for Me…

My hair has always had a mind of its own. The frustrations arising from my struggles to keep it at least a little bit in check meant that I have been somewhat erratic about using the products the hair and beauty industry wants women to fall for. It just seemed way too much effort and expense for five minutes of a nicely styled look.

Along with many others I eventually came upon the ‘no poo’ method where you wash your hair with bicarbonate of soda. At first that went well, it kept its shape without too much fuss but after a while it began to appear dull and lifeless and made me look more like an upside down broom than a human of the female persuasion.


Lucky for me, in these days of internet glory it was easy enough to check if I had got the mixture wrong. I came across a website that explained how rough bicarb is due to its pH value, which being far from neutral, is extremely alkaline. She suggested several other natural ways for washing hair and I picked the one with rye flour, because the idea was way too intriguing not to try it.

During the following weeks I experimented with ways to make a paste out of the flour and water that I could use for my shampoo replacement. My hair began to sparkle and shine like a Christmas tree! Small drawback of lumps in my mix and tiny flour particles in my hair that didn’t want to wash out were minor irritations against the fact that I was getting rid of my straw head.

One day at the health food store I didn’t pay enough attention and got rice flour by mistake. I am not much of a baker these days so I decided to check if I could use that as well. Turns out that Indian women use rice water for all kinds of beauty treatments. It’s supposed to make your skin smooth and glowing and have tons of other benefits too. Well then – Goodbye rye, hello rice!


I only had rice flour but the recipes called for rice water, either fermented or not. There was no stopping me now though! It felt nice and smooth when I rinsed it out and the same shine as before. So far, so good!



Part Two:  .  . . and not for the Planet

It may not be a coincidence that hair grows on heads… and that it’s awfully close to the brain. Eventually this whole hair care saga had a very unexpected side effect – it got me thinking.

Attachment005Here I was using food for my hair care and hygiene when two spoonfuls of rice is more than some people have to eat all day.

Food should be eaten, not washed down the drain, right?
But then I thought that food was the most natural thing that came straight from the earth. If it was grown without harmful pesticides or other agro-chemical concoctions it was a benevolent substance and completely harmless.

Cosmetics on the other hand were mostly produced in factories, some of them using animal testing and other gruesome practices.

Suddenly using food for body care didn’t seem so bad . . .

But what about our obsession with  production and manufacturing things? If everyone used food stuff, what would happen to all that?

Attachment001 I often hear people lament the fact that our economy has lost all or most of its manufacturing sectors. It is not really a secret any more that the industries have been moved overseas where labor is cheap and you can get away with working conditions that really only deserve the term slave labor but are far more conducive to the reaping of insane profits and accumulation of power in the hands of small minority, which was the purpose of the whole operation from the beginning.

For a long time the question of why anyone would want to have factories where people have to toil hard to ‘produce something’ has been lurking at the back of my mind (I had not really felt it was wise to say that out loud because I had another idea at the back of my mind, right next to that first one, that said they might come up with another outdated habit, like lynching me, if I did).


On the whole those factories are major polluters and the wealth they produce usually gets siphoned off into the coffers of huge multinational corporations.

So again… why would anyone want them?

‘It’s jobs…! People earning a living . . . ‘

Attachment006Yes, I get it. A living maybe, but not a life! A deplorable existence of being dominated by the clock that has been set to control the rest of your meagre joys as well. Even those who have felt quite secure for years are finding themselves now having to dig into their bank accounts, retirement provisions and erroneously named ‘nest eggs’ if only to pay for the overpriced college education of their kids, who at the age of 30 are still struggling to afford even a modest place of their own.

But where would we get all the stuff from if no one makes anything? I am not going to hit you with Star Trek replicator stories, though in my mind that is exactly where we are heading. However, making useful things can be more efficient and more pleasant than we have so far been made to believe.

Let’s start with quality. I know it’s pretty radical to say this,  but if we make things to last instead of to break down we won’t need half of what’s been on the shelves for years, and leaving out the built in obsolete or breakdown factor that every gadget comes with these days will relieve us of the need for another good few piles.

This past week has seen the big release of Merhan Keshe’s ‘free’ Attachment001(3)technology to the ambassadors and political leaders of our globe, as well as some of the general population. The reports of the usefulness and integrity of Keshe’s plasma technology vary, but what can be said for sure is that the dam is broken and it is now inevitable that suppressed free technologies of all kinds will finally find their way into the hands of the population. They may not be completely free but compared to what utility companies have been charging, especially in the US, it will certainly feel that way.

The consequences will be far reaching.  Apart from the obvious drastic reduction of gas and energy bills, every single expense that included a portion of energy costs will drop as well.

Attachment002(1)We will finally see the long promised ‘trickle down economy’ show up… Not quite in the way we have been told though!

Revenues for old paradigm energies will no longer flood but instead merely trickle to the unscrupulous ‘elite’ who have been riding us in their greed and lust for power for far too many lifetimes.

Our world will no longer depend on dirty manufacturing, dirty energy, dirty financial practices or dirty anything. It will be a place for free people, for humans standing in their full power.

Instead of mere makers we will know ourselves and each other for the creators we truly are. Peace, joy, harmony and abundance, to name but a few, will abound to the delight of All.


There is a theory that long hair increases intuition. I think it may be true, and perhaps even more so if that long hair has been washed with rice water!

Attachment001(4)Stickfigure drawings  c anitacamera2015

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