Brexit, Disclosure and the Fire Alarm . . .

I have kind of resigned myself to the fact that most of my friends don’t have that much interest in the more esoteric subjects I post about, but this week has topped it for me.

There was a huge media storm in the wake of the recent Brexit vote and like many others I shared articles and comments about what this might mean for Europe and the rest of the world.

One item has stood out from all the others for me. It was a video of a speech by Jean Claude Juncker, President of the European Commision given the Monday after the British people voted for Brexit.

After sharing his own feelings about the referendum result he moved on to discuss the effects of the vote for the European Union, Europe as a whole and beyond the planet, mentioning in an almost casual manner that he had ‘seen, met and listened to a number of leaders from other planets’.

From the fact that all other attendees in the meeting chamber looked like students in a boring physics class I feel moved to make the assumption that they have not heard such statements for the first time. No one batted an eyelid. To the contrary, someone stifled a yawn!

So while alternative news groups are feverishly discussing when and where disclosure of the long term presence as well as cooperation with alien beings will be made by our politicians they are slipping it in as a by-the-by.

The ramifications of this news are massive. But it looks like our politicians have nothing to worry about. Absolutely nothing.

The video of the speech my friend sent me came from the ‘humor’ section of, one of the major communication corporations in France. Because it clearly is a laughing matter, right? But… If we all took it seriously how quickly would our current way to do politics lose its hold over us?

I shared it on FB. Twice. No reaction.

The meme about the fire alarm that should turn off if you yell ‘I’m only cooking!’ has 39 reactions and counting. If it had a cat in it would be up to a hundred by now, I’m sure – which is not a bad thing in itself, I hasten to add, just not helpful when you want people to open their eyes about certain things.

I don’t get it… People flock to watch violent, fear mongering movies, creating billions in revenue, and the greatest show on Earth, EVER gets virtually no interest…

It just makes we want to scream.


Shouting doesn’t really help, I know, so I made a meme . . .


This is from a forum which is publicly accessible. It has several language options and gives a perfect transcript with translation.

it also shows the official EU Commission transcript, which has been released without the passage in question.

Heres the link to the video, which is in French (I will keep my eyes open for an English or subtitled version)

Here’s a sort of transcript / translation, which has roughly been verified by
French speakers in my group of friends:

…les horizons nous attendent (…) et nous volons vers les horizons qui sont
ceux de l”europe et de la planete entiere.
…the horizons pay attention to us… (…) and we fly into those horizons
which are those of Europe and the planet as a whole.

il faut savoir que ceux qui nos servent de loins sont inquiets
you have to know (be aware?) that those who serve (?) us from afar are worried.

j’ai vu et entendue, ecoute plusieurs de dirigents d’autres planetes… et ils
sont tres inquietes parce qu’il s’interrogent de la voi que l’Europe vas
poursuivre et donc if faut rassurer et les Europeens et ceux qui nous observent
de loins.
I have seen / understood/ heard/ listened to a number of leaders from other
planets and they are very worried because they wonder which direction Europe is
taking, and therefore it is necessary to reassure both the Europeans as well as
those who watch us from afar.

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