How Emotion Code Release Work can help getting over the loss of a pet.


Most of us know that losing a beloved pet is just as bad as losing a family member, as a recent study confirmed. Reaching out for help in such a situation is recommended because we often tend to underestimate what is really going on.

About a week ago I was asked to do an emotional release session for a lady who I will call Mary. She had lost a little dog who she had been very close to and wanted help with the grieving process and feeling better about the turn of events. While we got to a point of conclusion at the time, were unable to get her to a place where she felt completely restored to her former self. I suggested that a treatment on the dog might be the missing key.


It may sound strange to think about doing a session on an animal that has passed on but it is helpful to remember that the larger part of us is eternal and that we can carry issues and emotions in our energy system over many lifetimes.

Mary and I got online together late the following night, morning her time. Checking in we cleared a few more emotions for her and then proceeded to work on her little dog Jay.

As I was asking my pendulum about the relevant emotions that could be released at that time my ‘rational head’ kept trying to interfere. It keeps surprising my how obstinate that internal doubter is, that even after so many years of doing intuitive energy work I sometimes have to assert my true self and tell that voice to stand in the corner and shut up!


We kept releasing a mixed bag of emotions, some evidently connected to how Jay’s life had ended – he had to be put down after biting Mary – some going deeper into inherited ones or even way back to tough lives he had lived before.

There was a crucial time in his life with previous owners, around 18 months old, where intense emotions like terror, despair and humiliation needed to be released. When ‘failure’ came up as ‘current’ emotion I had tears welling up, feeling the deep sadness of this little doggie who felt devastated about letting his people down.


Whether I have doubt or not during a session, this is usually the time when it disappears in a puff of smoke. These feelings are too strong and too real to be denied, and I am always grateful when they show up because they give me confirmation that we have truly established contact and are on the right track.

The next feeling little Jay communicated to me was immense gratitude for what his mom and dad had done for him in those last couple of years of his life. I was glad to share the message.

“He really appreciates you for being so kind and loving with him.”

We were both feeling emotional when this statement came through. Even though my role is to be the messenger in this I always feel touched as I am watching the process unfold.


Next came a sense of not being able to take it any more, not having any strength left to fight his lapse into bad behavior. The poor boy was simply exhausted and worn out.

‘Wanting a fresh start…’ That emotion made us both want to cry, and right on cue the corresponding one of ‘Hopelessness’ was released, originating from a past life root event.


After this massive letting go of crucial blocks the next message that came through felt positively heartbreaking:
“It’s all right, mom…”

“Yes, I know,” she said when she could speak again. “But then why is it still so painful?”

“Where is your pain on a scale from one to ten?” I asked.

“Ten,” she said, without hesitation.

I checked with my pendulum and found three very deeply hidden emotions from past lives long ago that had to be released before we felt the session was complete.


We then talked a little about the dog she had when we first met, a beautiful greyhound rescue named Honey. I found out that Honey’s time with her had also been cut short in a quite dramatic way. I had a sense that the two events were connected, however the session had been intense and both of us were tired so we agreed to address the issue next time.

As I wrote the email with the notes from the treatment I realized I had not checked back about the current pain level, so I added the question, asking Mary if she could tell. She replied she didn’t know, that the pain had just ‘sort of disappeared’.


Later I found myself wondering why these things hurt so much. A surprising and interesting thought appeared in my mind by way of an answer. My sense was that was the risk we were taking, that in our love for our animal companions we allow them to break through our shell, perhaps deeper than we do sometimes with our human companions. When our pets leave, especially in such drastic ways as requiring from us to decide over their life and death they crack us open like an egg. They almost force us to give up being safe and rigid asking us to to get in the flow, become ‘fluid’, as we undertake this current, unprecedented shift into our new fifth dimensional reality. It is a labor, or rather, a co- creation of love on both sides. Going through this pain with eyes open holds immense rewards as we expand alongside our hearts.


Witnessing such a connection being revealed in the course of a treatment always feels like a privilege in its beauty and sacredness. Most often the sense of the animal being present in essence and fully engaged is rich and strong. I always come away with a huge feeling of compassion for all that our beloved pets are willing to go through for us and we for them.

And not once in my experience have they left a session without sending deep love and gratitude for their human family no matter what the events appeared to be on the surface.
My respect for them keeps growing every time I do this.




About Anita Camera

I am a healer, reiki master and intuitive. My passion is to help people and animals feel better! If you wish to book an appointment for a distant or face to face treatment for yourself or your pet please go to FB unicorncodes I look forward to connecting with you! Anita
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