Embarrassment by Intuition, or How Jose Got his Legs Back.

IMG_3111Working with intuition can be a wonderful thing. It is great to receive immediate feedback by way of sensing what is happening with your human or animal client. My intuition however, seems to have some kind of a naughty streak that occasionally delights in putting me in embarrassing situations.

A few weeks ago my client was an adorable little male Chihuahua, Jose, who had trouble using his legs. Disregarding a prognosis of him possibly not being able to walk again his mommy had decided to give other kinds of healing a try. One of them was emotional release ‘Unicorn Code style’.

During our Skype call the web camera was trained on Jose as he was lying there in his little bed, pretty much motionless. Starting with the treatment I identified the first two emotions, which I then proceeded to release for him. Much to my surprise my pendulum indicated that this already completed what I call the ‘general sweep’, the initial house cleaning to deal with what sits right on top of the heap.

The major issue about Jose was that his leg troubles had made it impossible for him to stand up, which was a big worry for Katie, not in the least because he had not been able to pee in two days. It did not surprise me therefore that once we had worked with the standing up issue, a big part of the session was taken up by emotional releases from the kidney and bladder area. After letting go of a handful of other old emotions ‘worthless’ came up.

That made sense to both of us. Not being able to stand up and therefore not being able to relieve himself unaided could well demoralize any self respecting Chihuahua.

As I ran my magnet to clear the unwanted energy off his system I suddenly had a weird sensation. It concerned my ‘private parts’, so I hesitated for a moment before I spoke.
“I have a feeling like I need to go to the bathroom, but I kind of know that I don’t…” I said, laughing a little.

I was grateful that Katie didn’t laugh at me one bit.

“Do you think I should take him outside and see if he wants to pee?”

That sounded like a good idea. “Yes, go for it!”

She folded the cover back that was keeping him warm and started to chuckle.

“It’s soaked here…! He already ‘went’,” she called over her shoulder.

Katie and I both noticed the relief of that, though we agreed that Jose would have felt it most! It was a promising development for his condition, and the change showed up instantly. He had been listless and lethargic to begin with, but now we could clearly see him perk up.

Continuing with the session we found that he had been blaming himself, possible for losing his capabilities but perhaps even more so for the other big issue in his life, the loss of his best and beloved buddy, a cat named Mr Cuddles. A lot of grief related emotions came up for release as we moved on to help him over that sad event in his recent life experience. Anger, heartache, resentment were all part of the mix that this poor doggie had been carrying around.

Eventually we identified ‘shock’ that had lodged in his energy six lifetimes ago. As he was letting go of it he gave a deep sigh, indicating the nice, solid release of a key emotion.

“Time for a good swig of water!” I said.

Katie went to refill her glass in the kitchen, while I kept my attention on the screen. I watched in amazement as Jose turned his head and looked up at me, straight into Katie’s laptop camera. It felt like he was looking me right in the eyes, which was very odd indeed. First of all, because my camera wasn’t even on, I was only on audio, but secondly because here was a dog who somehow knew that if you want to look someone at the other end of a web link in the eye, you don’t look at the screen, you look into the camera, which is usually right above the screen. Most humans don’t even understand that, and here was a little doggie that totally ‘got it’. I was impressed!

I called out in delight and started to talk to him, telling him what a wonderful dog he was, and that I was so proud about how well he was doing. His eyes moved, it was almost as if he wanted to hug me whenever I spoke. Of course he couldn’t, so he did the next best thing and responded with enthusiastic tail wagging.

For the remainder of the session Jose kept moving his legs and head, stretching, looking around, showing us how much better and how relieved he was feeling – in all ways! At one point it even looked like he was trying to stand up.

I was kind of hoping that he would, but had to remind myself to stay open minded, allow him to do the process at his own pace. So we proceeded gently, releasing another handful of emotions that were specifically geared to let go of any issues about standing up and being able to support himself. Then we moved on to do a quick sweep for his mommy and his lost buddy.

Whenever I work with pets I find it very beneficial to include their people in the treatment. If there has been a loss in the family I usually make a point to include the one that has passed as well. In sessions like that, I see more and more how the energies of animals and their people intermingle. Our bonds are much closer than many of us suspect, sometimes it is as if we are passing emotions back and forth like tennis balls.

The patterns that emerge from these releases are often quite beautiful. We share some emotions, deal with a few of our own, go a few lives into the past and then we reconnect, come back to exchange some more as we help each other on our paths.

If I had ever had any doubts about whether life goes on after the event that we call death, doing this work would have taught me otherwise very quickly. Every time I have done emotional release on an animal that has passed over I have felt the connection strongly because their energy is intact. Just as we can drag old energetic baggage from one life through to the next so can our pets.

That was also the case for Mr Cuddles. Leaving a dear, loving family behind can be hard, especially when their presence has been a reality for so many years. I could tell from the emotions that showed up how his process of passing had started and how he moved through the different stages. Once I had cleared terror, grief, loss of control, anger and confusion from his system I felt the relief of calm and peace from him, and we all knew that wherever he would go from there he could start pretty much unburdened, with a clear and clean slate.

When I contacted Katie for an update two days later, she said that Jose had been feeling much better and more cheerful in spirit but had not been able to stand properly yet. Because he also had not had any bowel movement she had made a vet appointment. We had discussed the possibility in our session. I had recommended a vet visit if she felt any need for it at all. There had been so many emotions on his kidney and bladder that I could not be sure if he was going to need veterinary care. Sometimes that is necessary when we don’t catch things early enough.
We did a quick follow up treatment to help prepare him for the visit. He released another whole level of emotions that took quite a load off him. Afterwards I called Katie to see how it had gone and was told to my relief that he had pooped in the car on the way there.

“And right now he’s peeing again!”

Well done me, I thought. Looks like I have made a new dog friend, one who is going to pee whenever he hears my voice now!

The good news is that together with some other remedies, Jose is using his legs again to stand and walk. Still a bit wobbly, but he is demonstrating the spirit and the determination to make a full recovery.

The most recent communication I had included a video of him enjoying an almost steady walk around the garden, including doing his ‘business’!

Way to go, Jose!


About Anita Camera

I am a healer, reiki master and intuitive. My passion is to help people and animals feel better! If you wish to book an appointment for a distant or face to face treatment for yourself or your pet please go to FB unicorncodes I look forward to connecting with you! Anita
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