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How to work with Grabovoi Numbers

Originally posted on My path:
Create a silvery, white sphere at heart level, 20-30 cm. Put in numbers that will help you accomplish your goal. The numbers should also be silvery, white. Once done, you can leave the sphere, release…

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Starseed Troubłes

It’s not easy to be a star seed on a physical world like this. We struggle with aspects of living in this density that come easily to other humans. There are things on this planet that just don’t make sense … Continue reading

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Message from ÉirePort Alliance… 2-2-18

Originally posted on GaiaPortal:
ÉirePort Alliance (formerly ÉirePort Group) has expanded in scope since the beginning of the GaiaPortal blog operations. Recent upleveling of Planetary Consciousness frequency has enabled the formation of a wider Alliance formed among several Galactic entities…

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