How to work with Grabovoi Numbers

I love these numbers!

My path

Create a silvery, white sphere at heart level, 20-30 cm. Put in numbers that will help you accomplish your goal. The numbers should also be silvery, white. Once done, you can leave the sphere, release it to Infinity, put in God’s hand or any other situation that brings you peace. You may want to do the same sphere once per day until the goal is accomplished.
NOTE: Some numbers have spaces. They are important so be sure to leave spaces when indicated.

Sphere Silver White Put number sequences in a silvery white sphere

Direct Communication with Creator 11981
Resolution of finances and defining one’s aim 71427321893
Financial Abundance 318 798
Everything is possible 519 7148

71381921 – geometrical centre. This number is useful for anchoring in the present moment. State this number aloud three times. It finds the geometrical centre of the person who is performing the exercise.
4148188 = time to money

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