Almost everything I have ever been taught was wrong.

It was all based on the world that we created as our playground outside the state of Oneness.

I always felt that people’s games were cruel but when I was younger I thought I just had to put up with them because ‘that’s the way it is’ (and man, did I ever hear that a lot!).

Now I am being shown that these feelings about the fake world we live in – that for reasons of survival I had to bury then – were not only true but that the time has come bring them out and dust them off because by helping us turn away from the fake they can lead us to the discovery of what’s Real and Who We Truly Are.

Would it make sense for my lungs to compete with my kidneys? Of course not! Why then should it make sense for one part of the body of Oneness ( you ) to compete with another ( me or anyone else ) ? It doesn’t  😉

All over the world people are standing up together now, many are feeling or sensing it and it is time to be our loving shining selves again, where no negative thought or experience can enter and Good, Life, Love, God – call it what you will – is All There Is, where no one is satisfied unless everyone is happy and cared for.

Failure Is Not An Option             


words and music Anita Camera © 2006

Failure is not an option, failure is not an option . . .

( That’s a promise! )

In the disruptive chaos of everyday life as we know it

We’re held prisoners by systems and organisations

Political burglars raping our minds

Attempting to drown our awareness of Being.

Bound by fear in zillions of disguises

Forced along grooves carved by ancestral vices

Slaves in underground dungeons,

Slaves in underground dungeons.

Failure is not an option, failure is not an option . . .

( And that’s a promise! )

But it is time, time to look at our chains

And know ours is the key

Time to look at each other and see:

Failure is not an option, failure is not an option . . .

( And that’s a promise! )

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