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NOTE BY NANCY:  I would like to honor Geoffrey West, sole journalist, producer, and anchor for Cosmic Vision News.  He tells the story of CVN in his Final Words on 9/23/16.  Geoffrey has worked endless hours for the past 4 years to bring alternative news to those of us who were aware of the tremendous changes taking place on our planet.  A very talented journalist, Geoffrey is especially gifted in helping us see the BIG Picture unfolding within the BIGGER Picture, so that those of us who have followed his newscast have been able to see the DIVINE PLAN UNFOLDING behind, beneath, and alongside the events on our planet that were seen and unseen on the mainstream media.  I know how conscientious Geoffrey is in attempting to cull out the truth from the piles of disinformation fed to the people, then share it with us.  He has reported nothing that…

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Corey Goode & Bashar Connection “Everything Will Change” in the fall of 2016

Things are definitely heating up…

Other Than Earth

In 2014 “Bashar” an extraterrestrial being channeled by Darryl Anka made a startling prediction… “In your upcoming fall of 2016 EVERYTHING will change!”

Will everything change this fall of 2016?

There seems to be some interesting data pointing towards something indeed occurring this fall. Perhaps it’s what many call the “October surprise”. Well see.


One major thread of course is this year’s United States presidential elections. There are many drama’s unfolding on this subject in the mainstream media as well as in the alternative media. All you have to do is a quick youtube or Google search of what is happening in this very convoluted and sometimes dizzying display of what our current system is undergoing and perhaps revealing.

Although, this is not the main focus of this article, it is merely a caveat to a very rare prediction from a being who claims to be from another planet and an…

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My Needs – Your Needs . . . What’s the difference? Or ‘Service to Self’ vs ‘Service to Others’.

Yesterday was an interesting day. A cancelled treatment left me without the expected income and after being pretty much cleaned out by the rent payment a few days ago I was left with only a few dollars in my pocket and the low fuel light on in my car.

Thankfully a babysitting night at my neighbors still had small credit standing and something in me demanded I call that in despite misgivings that it was already dark and I didn’t really want to trouble her at that time.

But I felt strongly I needed to get gas and chocolate, presto! that it could not wait until the next morning. The gas station was open until ten but anything that actually deserved the name ‘chocolate’ would have to be procured from the health food store that was about to be closing at nine.

I love texting . . .It’s so wonderfully un-intrusive . . . People can pick it up and respond at their leisure. Sometimes though,  and thankfully enough, this time, too, it’s practically instant. I sent my message off, received the money almost immediately and so five minutes before closing time I was at the health store’s bulk bin filling a little bag with organic dark chocolate chips. Then off to the gas station for a couple of gallons of their finest. Don’t forget a can of cat food because, God forbid, my addicted kitty would have to eat the good clean stuff I want him to have instead of his favorite junk food.

Once back home I realize how exhausted I was so I got my tired feet into a foot bath and put on a movie, eating chocolate. The world was alright by me.

It was around 11, foot bath finished and another episode of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell just starting when suddenly my phone burred.

A text . . . hm . . . at this time? Who could that be?

Ah, friend Bob. ‘Are you awake?’

‘Yes, what’s up?’

‘Ran out of gas in town, by the coffee shop.’

‘On my way.’

Five minutes later I picked him up in town and took him home where his landlord had a full can of gas he could borrow.

As I waited for him to go get the can out of the barn I realized why I absolutely had to get gas (and chocolate) earlier. I wouldn’t have had enough to get back myself home without it!

Okay . . . cue for chocolate then!

‘Here,’ I said when he came back with the gas can. ‘Have some of these . . . little treat after the excitement of the day . . .’

To me that’s actually more than a nice little story of serendipity. It shows how my needs can’t and aren’t to be separated from someone else’s. They go together because we go together.

I have never felt comfortable with the talk and judgement about STS (service to self) and STO (service to others) in recent years. STS is supposedly bad, while STO, the altruistic version, is the ‘good choice’. But even during my time living in a spiritual community where this question was asked constantly I felt there was something wrong with it.

Perhaps because the Zen guys are right . . . perhaps because ‘other’ is a construct of duality, of 3D, the paradigm we are in the process of moving beyond.

Perhaps now the old teaching of ‘What you do for the lowliest of your brothers you are doing onto me’ is coming into its own as we leave separation behind and step into the Knowing of Oneness where ‘You’ and ‘I’ are just facets of the same radiant Diamond of Creation.

By the way, all of the guidance was wonderful and spot on but I didn’t get it right with the cat.

When I got home I found that there were still two cans of his favorite food in the cupboard. For some reason I can’t shake the thought that he has established his own private ‘Feed Me’ guidance channel in my mind . . .

cat anniversary cartoon

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How Emotion Code Release Work can help getting over the loss of a pet.


Most of us know that losing a beloved pet is just as bad as losing a family member, as a recent study confirmed. Reaching out for help in such a situation is recommended because we often tend to underestimate what is really going on.

About a week ago I was asked to do an emotional release session for a lady who I will call Mary. She had lost a little dog who she had been very close to and wanted help with the grieving process and feeling better about the turn of events. While we got to a point of conclusion at the time, were unable to get her to a place where she felt completely restored to her former self. I suggested that a treatment on the dog might be the missing key.


It may sound strange to think about doing a session on an animal that has passed on but it is helpful to remember that the larger part of us is eternal and that we can carry issues and emotions in our energy system over many lifetimes.

Mary and I got online together late the following night, morning her time. Checking in we cleared a few more emotions for her and then proceeded to work on her little dog Jay.

As I was asking my pendulum about the relevant emotions that could be released at that time my ‘rational head’ kept trying to interfere. It keeps surprising my how obstinate that internal doubter is, that even after so many years of doing intuitive energy work I sometimes have to assert my true self and tell that voice to stand in the corner and shut up!


We kept releasing a mixed bag of emotions, some evidently connected to how Jay’s life had ended – he had to be put down after biting Mary – some going deeper into inherited ones or even way back to tough lives he had lived before.

There was a crucial time in his life with previous owners, around 18 months old, where intense emotions like terror, despair and humiliation needed to be released. When ‘failure’ came up as ‘current’ emotion I had tears welling up, feeling the deep sadness of this little doggie who felt devastated about letting his people down.


Whether I have doubt or not during a session, this is usually the time when it disappears in a puff of smoke. These feelings are too strong and too real to be denied, and I am always grateful when they show up because they give me confirmation that we have truly established contact and are on the right track.

The next feeling little Jay communicated to me was immense gratitude for what his mom and dad had done for him in those last couple of years of his life. I was glad to share the message.

“He really appreciates you for being so kind and loving with him.”

We were both feeling emotional when this statement came through. Even though my role is to be the messenger in this I always feel touched as I am watching the process unfold.


Next came a sense of not being able to take it any more, not having any strength left to fight his lapse into bad behavior. The poor boy was simply exhausted and worn out.

‘Wanting a fresh start…’ That emotion made us both want to cry, and right on cue the corresponding one of ‘Hopelessness’ was released, originating from a past life root event.


After this massive letting go of crucial blocks the next message that came through felt positively heartbreaking:
“It’s all right, mom…”

“Yes, I know,” she said when she could speak again. “But then why is it still so painful?”

“Where is your pain on a scale from one to ten?” I asked.

“Ten,” she said, without hesitation.

I checked with my pendulum and found three very deeply hidden emotions from past lives long ago that had to be released before we felt the session was complete.


We then talked a little about the dog she had when we first met, a beautiful greyhound rescue named Honey. I found out that Honey’s time with her had also been cut short in a quite dramatic way. I had a sense that the two events were connected, however the session had been intense and both of us were tired so we agreed to address the issue next time.

As I wrote the email with the notes from the treatment I realized I had not checked back about the current pain level, so I added the question, asking Mary if she could tell. She replied she didn’t know, that the pain had just ‘sort of disappeared’.


Later I found myself wondering why these things hurt so much. A surprising and interesting thought appeared in my mind by way of an answer. My sense was that was the risk we were taking, that in our love for our animal companions we allow them to break through our shell, perhaps deeper than we do sometimes with our human companions. When our pets leave, especially in such drastic ways as requiring from us to decide over their life and death they crack us open like an egg. They almost force us to give up being safe and rigid asking us to to get in the flow, become ‘fluid’, as we undertake this current, unprecedented shift into our new fifth dimensional reality. It is a labor, or rather, a co- creation of love on both sides. Going through this pain with eyes open holds immense rewards as we expand alongside our hearts.


Witnessing such a connection being revealed in the course of a treatment always feels like a privilege in its beauty and sacredness. Most often the sense of the animal being present in essence and fully engaged is rich and strong. I always come away with a huge feeling of compassion for all that our beloved pets are willing to go through for us and we for them.

And not once in my experience have they left a session without sending deep love and gratitude for their human family no matter what the events appeared to be on the surface.
My respect for them keeps growing every time I do this.




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Brexit, Disclosure and the Fire Alarm . . .

I have kind of resigned myself to the fact that most of my friends don’t have that much interest in the more esoteric subjects I post about, but this week has topped it for me.

There was a huge media storm in the wake of the recent Brexit vote and like many others I shared articles and comments about what this might mean for Europe and the rest of the world.

One item has stood out from all the others for me. It was a video of a speech by Jean Claude Juncker, President of the European Commision given the Monday after the British people voted for Brexit.

After sharing his own feelings about the referendum result he moved on to discuss the effects of the vote for the European Union, Europe as a whole and beyond the planet, mentioning in an almost casual manner that he had ‘seen, met and listened to a number of leaders from other planets’.

From the fact that all other attendees in the meeting chamber looked like students in a boring physics class I feel moved to make the assumption that they have not heard such statements for the first time. No one batted an eyelid. To the contrary, someone stifled a yawn!

So while alternative news groups are feverishly discussing when and where disclosure of the long term presence as well as cooperation with alien beings will be made by our politicians they are slipping it in as a by-the-by.

The ramifications of this news are massive. But it looks like our politicians have nothing to worry about. Absolutely nothing.

The video of the speech my friend sent me came from the ‘humor’ section of, one of the major communication corporations in France. Because it clearly is a laughing matter, right? But… If we all took it seriously how quickly would our current way to do politics lose its hold over us?

I shared it on FB. Twice. No reaction.

The meme about the fire alarm that should turn off if you yell ‘I’m only cooking!’ has 39 reactions and counting. If it had a cat in it would be up to a hundred by now, I’m sure – which is not a bad thing in itself, I hasten to add, just not helpful when you want people to open their eyes about certain things.

I don’t get it… People flock to watch violent, fear mongering movies, creating billions in revenue, and the greatest show on Earth, EVER gets virtually no interest…

It just makes we want to scream.


Shouting doesn’t really help, I know, so I made a meme . . .


This is from a forum which is publicly accessible. It has several language options and gives a perfect transcript with translation.

it also shows the official EU Commission transcript, which has been released without the passage in question.

Heres the link to the video, which is in French (I will keep my eyes open for an English or subtitled version)

Here’s a sort of transcript / translation, which has roughly been verified by
French speakers in my group of friends:

…les horizons nous attendent (…) et nous volons vers les horizons qui sont
ceux de l”europe et de la planete entiere.
…the horizons pay attention to us… (…) and we fly into those horizons
which are those of Europe and the planet as a whole.

il faut savoir que ceux qui nos servent de loins sont inquiets
you have to know (be aware?) that those who serve (?) us from afar are worried.

j’ai vu et entendue, ecoute plusieurs de dirigents d’autres planetes… et ils
sont tres inquietes parce qu’il s’interrogent de la voi que l’Europe vas
poursuivre et donc if faut rassurer et les Europeens et ceux qui nous observent
de loins.
I have seen / understood/ heard/ listened to a number of leaders from other
planets and they are very worried because they wonder which direction Europe is
taking, and therefore it is necessary to reassure both the Europeans as well as
those who watch us from afar.

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Equinox Energies


For a good many years I have been waking up at least five days out of seven with the same sad song in my head. The other day I decided I had had enough of it and that it was time to change to a more uplifting ‘radio station’ using the power of words. ‘Joy’ resonated strongly and so I made it my new habit to say the word whenever I remembered.

It was barely two days later that I woke up with Beethoven’s Song of Joy in my head and much more of a spring in my step. I loved that piece. Its inspiring words had always touched me.  I walked around singing it to myself, contemplating the song and its message.

That happened around the time we were completing another eclipse cycle. Eclipses, so the astrologers tell us, come in pairs. This one had a powerful new moon eclipse earlier in the month and a full moon one was coming up in a couple of days, right after spring equinox.

That night I got to bed very late. As I closed my eyes I noticed that my body was still aching from an overzealous cleaning and reorganizing session that day. I started to breathe deeply and connected to the areas of my body that were hurting, sending my attention there. One of the things that being an energy healer has taught me is that disease and pain are not merely expressions of negativity as I had previously thought, but really have at their bottom line resistance. Once we let go of resistance disease can’t get a hold, and if it’s already in the body it must leave because without resistance – if we are completely in the flow – it has nothing to attach to.

As I was feeling the tensions dissolve and the pains getting less I noticed that my body was vibrating all over. At first I thought it was the coffee I had had earlier but realized quickly it couldn’t be, it had been too long since the afternoon. I followed the feelings, watched them change, felt reiki join as I took in energies from above and the earth below me. My hands began to buzz, as they often do these days. Letting them do their thing I felt light coming out of them, had a sense that I was standing next to the planet, shooting rays of electric blue light all around the globe. Suddenly there was music, the Song of Joy was playing in my heart, ringing out all over the Earth.

This time I got a taste of what real joy was, like in capital letters: J O Y ! I could almost taste the immense delight of a planet and its people in all its glory, the final celebration of humanity standing together, everyone with each other and for all life on earth including beautiful Gaia herself.

Some forward thinking scientists have begun to study and document what healers like me have known for years. I now feel that I no longer need any proof beyond what my inner senses tell me and as these experiences grow more numerous I believe it would be very foolish of me indeed to negate and ignore what I clearly know to be truth for me.

The reason why our world has been in such a pitiful state of slavery and despair lies in the fact that most of us have allowed our own inner connection to the truth to be derided as primitive superstition and subsequently ignored it. We have let the jewel inside us be replaced with control from those who had only their own best interests at the bottom of their dark dungeon hearts, causing grief and suffering for far too long. Recognizing the value and validity of our own truth and following it will allow us to take back the power that we are told – and believed – we never had.

We have nothing to lose but our limitations.

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No More Bad Hair Days – Not for Me, and Not for the Planet!

Attachment001(1)Part One: Not for Me…

My hair has always had a mind of its own. The frustrations arising from my struggles to keep it at least a little bit in check meant that I have been somewhat erratic about using the products the hair and beauty industry wants women to fall for. It just seemed way too much effort and expense for five minutes of a nicely styled look.

Along with many others I eventually came upon the ‘no poo’ method where you wash your hair with bicarbonate of soda. At first that went well, it kept its shape without too much fuss but after a while it began to appear dull and lifeless and made me look more like an upside down broom than a human of the female persuasion.


Lucky for me, in these days of internet glory it was easy enough to check if I had got the mixture wrong. I came across a website that explained how rough bicarb is due to its pH value, which being far from neutral, is extremely alkaline. She suggested several other natural ways for washing hair and I picked the one with rye flour, because the idea was way too intriguing not to try it.

During the following weeks I experimented with ways to make a paste out of the flour and water that I could use for my shampoo replacement. My hair began to sparkle and shine like a Christmas tree! Small drawback of lumps in my mix and tiny flour particles in my hair that didn’t want to wash out were minor irritations against the fact that I was getting rid of my straw head.

One day at the health food store I didn’t pay enough attention and got rice flour by mistake. I am not much of a baker these days so I decided to check if I could use that as well. Turns out that Indian women use rice water for all kinds of beauty treatments. It’s supposed to make your skin smooth and glowing and have tons of other benefits too. Well then – Goodbye rye, hello rice!


I only had rice flour but the recipes called for rice water, either fermented or not. There was no stopping me now though! It felt nice and smooth when I rinsed it out and the same shine as before. So far, so good!



Part Two:  .  . . and not for the Planet

It may not be a coincidence that hair grows on heads… and that it’s awfully close to the brain. Eventually this whole hair care saga had a very unexpected side effect – it got me thinking.

Attachment005Here I was using food for my hair care and hygiene when two spoonfuls of rice is more than some people have to eat all day.

Food should be eaten, not washed down the drain, right?
But then I thought that food was the most natural thing that came straight from the earth. If it was grown without harmful pesticides or other agro-chemical concoctions it was a benevolent substance and completely harmless.

Cosmetics on the other hand were mostly produced in factories, some of them using animal testing and other gruesome practices.

Suddenly using food for body care didn’t seem so bad . . .

But what about our obsession with  production and manufacturing things? If everyone used food stuff, what would happen to all that?

Attachment001 I often hear people lament the fact that our economy has lost all or most of its manufacturing sectors. It is not really a secret any more that the industries have been moved overseas where labor is cheap and you can get away with working conditions that really only deserve the term slave labor but are far more conducive to the reaping of insane profits and accumulation of power in the hands of small minority, which was the purpose of the whole operation from the beginning.

For a long time the question of why anyone would want to have factories where people have to toil hard to ‘produce something’ has been lurking at the back of my mind (I had not really felt it was wise to say that out loud because I had another idea at the back of my mind, right next to that first one, that said they might come up with another outdated habit, like lynching me, if I did).


On the whole those factories are major polluters and the wealth they produce usually gets siphoned off into the coffers of huge multinational corporations.

So again… why would anyone want them?

‘It’s jobs…! People earning a living . . . ‘

Attachment006Yes, I get it. A living maybe, but not a life! A deplorable existence of being dominated by the clock that has been set to control the rest of your meagre joys as well. Even those who have felt quite secure for years are finding themselves now having to dig into their bank accounts, retirement provisions and erroneously named ‘nest eggs’ if only to pay for the overpriced college education of their kids, who at the age of 30 are still struggling to afford even a modest place of their own.

But where would we get all the stuff from if no one makes anything? I am not going to hit you with Star Trek replicator stories, though in my mind that is exactly where we are heading. However, making useful things can be more efficient and more pleasant than we have so far been made to believe.

Let’s start with quality. I know it’s pretty radical to say this,  but if we make things to last instead of to break down we won’t need half of what’s been on the shelves for years, and leaving out the built in obsolete or breakdown factor that every gadget comes with these days will relieve us of the need for another good few piles.

This past week has seen the big release of Merhan Keshe’s ‘free’ Attachment001(3)technology to the ambassadors and political leaders of our globe, as well as some of the general population. The reports of the usefulness and integrity of Keshe’s plasma technology vary, but what can be said for sure is that the dam is broken and it is now inevitable that suppressed free technologies of all kinds will finally find their way into the hands of the population. They may not be completely free but compared to what utility companies have been charging, especially in the US, it will certainly feel that way.

The consequences will be far reaching.  Apart from the obvious drastic reduction of gas and energy bills, every single expense that included a portion of energy costs will drop as well.

Attachment002(1)We will finally see the long promised ‘trickle down economy’ show up… Not quite in the way we have been told though!

Revenues for old paradigm energies will no longer flood but instead merely trickle to the unscrupulous ‘elite’ who have been riding us in their greed and lust for power for far too many lifetimes.

Our world will no longer depend on dirty manufacturing, dirty energy, dirty financial practices or dirty anything. It will be a place for free people, for humans standing in their full power.

Instead of mere makers we will know ourselves and each other for the creators we truly are. Peace, joy, harmony and abundance, to name but a few, will abound to the delight of All.


There is a theory that long hair increases intuition. I think it may be true, and perhaps even more so if that long hair has been washed with rice water!

Attachment001(4)Stickfigure drawings  c anitacamera2015

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