Equinox Energies


For a good many years I have been waking up at least five days out of seven with the same sad song in my head. The other day I decided I had had enough of it and that it was time to change to a more uplifting ‘radio station’ using the power of words. ‘Joy’ resonated strongly and so I made it my new habit to say the word whenever I remembered.

It was barely two days later that I woke up with Beethoven’s Song of Joy in my head and much more of a spring in my step. I loved that piece. Its inspiring words had always touched me.  I walked around singing it to myself, contemplating the song and its message.

That happened around the time we were completing another eclipse cycle. Eclipses, so the astrologers tell us, come in pairs. This one had a powerful new moon eclipse earlier in the month and a full moon one was coming up in a couple of days, right after spring equinox.

That night I got to bed very late. As I closed my eyes I noticed that my body was still aching from an overzealous cleaning and reorganizing session that day. I started to breathe deeply and connected to the areas of my body that were hurting, sending my attention there. One of the things that being an energy healer has taught me is that disease and pain are not merely expressions of negativity as I had previously thought, but really have at their bottom line resistance. Once we let go of resistance disease can’t get a hold, and if it’s already in the body it must leave because without resistance – if we are completely in the flow – it has nothing to attach to.

As I was feeling the tensions dissolve and the pains getting less I noticed that my body was vibrating all over. At first I thought it was the coffee I had had earlier but realized quickly it couldn’t be, it had been too long since the afternoon. I followed the feelings, watched them change, felt reiki join as I took in energies from above and the earth below me. My hands began to buzz, as they often do these days. Letting them do their thing I felt light coming out of them, had a sense that I was standing next to the planet, shooting rays of electric blue light all around the globe. Suddenly there was music, the Song of Joy was playing in my heart, ringing out all over the Earth.

This time I got a taste of what real joy was, like in capital letters: J O Y ! I could almost taste the immense delight of a planet and its people in all its glory, the final celebration of humanity standing together, everyone with each other and for all life on earth including beautiful Gaia herself.

Some forward thinking scientists have begun to study and document what healers like me have known for years. I now feel that I no longer need any proof beyond what my inner senses tell me and as these experiences grow more numerous I believe it would be very foolish of me indeed to negate and ignore what I clearly know to be truth for me.

The reason why our world has been in such a pitiful state of slavery and despair lies in the fact that most of us have allowed our own inner connection to the truth to be derided as primitive superstition and subsequently ignored it. We have let the jewel inside us be replaced with control from those who had only their own best interests at the bottom of their dark dungeon hearts, causing grief and suffering for far too long. Recognizing the value and validity of our own truth and following it will allow us to take back the power that we are told – and believed – we never had.

We have nothing to lose but our limitations.

About Anita Camera

I am a healer, reiki master and intuitive. My passion is to help people and animals feel better! If you wish to book an appointment for a distant or face to face treatment for yourself or your pet please go to FB unicorncodes I look forward to connecting with you! Anita
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  1. Bruce says:

    Thanks for your inspiring words.

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